Organizational Performance

Organizational Performance

Companies are faced with increasingly frequent and permanent changes that have an impact on the processes of industrial and service sectors: changes in markets and customer demands, economic constraints, regulatory requirements, technological and demographic changes, etc.

In a changing environment, it is not always easy for companies to take the necessary distance to anticipate these changes, to analyze them, and then to draw all the consequences and measure all the impacts on the organization and processes of its activity. Staying ahead of the competition is part of a continuous process of improving operational efficiency.

Financial profitability, customer satisfaction and reactivity to their demands require structures to be constantly proactive in order to optimize the “quality – costs – deadlines” triptych and achieve operational excellence.

In this context, International Business Consulting, an international consulting firm based in Morocco, provides companies with an external view aimed at improving organizations, governance methods and processes. We help you to identify the areas where improvements can be made, to design action plans to achieve them, and to implement these changes effectively.

Approaches and concept

In supporting our clients, we base our work on an assessment of the effectiveness of operational structures and processes to identify areas where improvements can be made. To do this, we use proven approaches and concepts that we adapt to the internal and external context of each company. Lean Management, 6 Sigma, 5S, Kaizen, Benchmark, Process Mining & Data Analysis and Sizing are, as an example, some of the methodologies used to improve activities, time and working conditions, and to achieve the optimization and performance of organizations and processes.

At the service of our customers

The approaches used by our consultants are aligned with the company's strategy, progressive and accompanied by a change management plan.
The objective of our consulting firm is not only to meet the specific needs of our clients in terms of expertise and methodologies used, but also to share similar values and convictions in order to establish a relationship of trust and loyalty.

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