In a constantly changing market, and with increasing competition, it becomes necessary for companies to structure their ambitions and plan the future of their businesses and activities in order to achieve operational excellence.

International Business Consulting, an international consulting firm based in Morocco, offers its customers to build or improve their management systems through a clearly defined and realistic strategy.

We do not apply international standards in a theoretical way but we see our role as a matrix of interpretation and adaptability of standards to the local specificities of each structure.

We remain convinced that an operational strategy cannot succeed without taking into account the level of maturity of each company and highlighting its human and financial resources.

Our vision of strategy is :

  • Inclusive: taking into account all stakeholders;
  • Disruptive: favoring innovation over conventional and standardized strategies;
  • Localized: taking into account the regional context, the culture, the language and the specificities of each country.

To achieve this, we implement strategic tools to stimulate innovation in organizations such as:

Design Thinking

A human-centered approach to innovation. It is a tool that allows to set up innovative projects and to solve social and economic problems, past or future. It aims to design innovative products and services adapted to users' needs. We talk about ecosystem solutions, clustering, capacitation, ... adapted to the different needs of each client.

Problem Solving

A tool that enables innovative solutions to be found for problems that may not yet have materialized in the structures in order to improve performance and respond to market growth opportunities. We talk about solutions of mutualization, centralization, ...

These tools can be used alone or in combination to address a variety of strategic business challenges. We select the appropriate tools to meet the specific needs of the company and the context in which it evolves.

The human dimension that guides us, allows us to believe that implementing an operational strategy cannot succeed without the support and involvement of people. This is why our firm pays particular attention to change management support.
Our commitment is to respond to and redefine ambitions, to create value and to support the realization of these ambitions while respecting the context of each of the structures that trust us.

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